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The McCabes of Canadian County, Oklahoma

Family Tree (2014)
(includes update)

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Family History

Researched and written by Jean M. Davis

Bernard Rodrick McCabe came to Canadian County with his parents in 1892, when they “homesteaded” the NE/4, Section 11, Township 14 North, Range 9 West. Barney was born near Columbus, Platte County, Nebraska, November 12, 1889, eleventh of thirteen children, to Henry Peter McCabe and Margaret Anne (McCarville).

Iva Oregon Curtis was born November 16, 1898, near Horatio, Arkansas, fourth of eleven children to Samuel Perry Curtis and Mary Francis (Edds). Iva came to Canadian County with her parents in January 1910, living on the NW/4, Section 10, Township 14 North, Range 9 West.

Barney and Iva were united in marriage August 16, 1916, at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Okarche, Oklahoma. To this union, six children were born.

Dorothy Loraine, June 13, 1917, married Edward Peter Garrison, Okarche, Oklahoma, at Holy Trinity Church, May 4, 1937, family: four sons, two daughters [Cecilia, Jim, Tom, Bill, Theresa, John]. Dorothy died March 14, 1975. Ed died January 10, 1995. Both are buried at Garden Plains, Kansas.

Mildred Elizabeth, June 20, 1918, married Robert James Ahern, El Reno, Oklahoma, June 27, 1941, at Randolph Field, Texas, family: three sons, six daughters [Patty, Barbara, Mike, Steve, Jim, Mary, Martha, Jane, and Angela. Bob died April 1, 1984. Mildred died January 5, 2010. Both are buried at El Reno Cemetery.

Thomas Bernard, August 16, 1920, married Ella Aldrett July 3, 1942, at Randolph Field, Texas, family: two daughters [Sharon Dee and Thomasina], divorced. Thomas married Bernice Elizabeth Kantowicz, Chester, Montana, November 16, 1950, family: two daughters [Janet and Debbie]. Tom died July, 15, 1995. Bernice presently lives in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Margaret Odelia, January 17, 1925, married George Morasko, Pennsylvania, October 27, 1945. George died in an accident November 9, 1950. Odelia married Robert Warner Baxter, Mt. Nebo, West Virginia, August 22, 1952, family: three sons, five daughters [Peter, Susan, Joseph, Catherine, Ann, Timothy, Ruth, and Elizabeth]. Odelia died February 16, 1984. Bob died March 16, 1987. Both are buried at Kolb Cemetery, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Patricia Louise, April 14 1927, married Bernard Alfred Ahern, El Reno, Oklahoma, August 20, 1945, Family: Five sons, three daughters [Linda, Bob, Shannon, Laura, Mike, Danny, Joann, Tony]. Barney died July 18, 2011. Patricia presently lives in Madras, Oregon.

Marcella Jean, April 16, 1930, married William Odell Davis, Bishopsville, South Carolina, January 3, 1946, family: five sons [Larry, Terry, David, Steve, and John]. Bill died October 4, 1991. Jean presently lives in Yukon, Oklahoma. All of the children were born at the farmhouse in Calumet, Oklahoma.

Barney’s life as a wheat farmer and cattleman began at an early age, as his father died in 1897. Barney continued living on the “homestead,” caring for his mother even after he and Iva were married.

In April 1919, a cyclone destroyed their farmhouse, taking Barney and Iva, and their two small daughters, Dorothy and Mildred, into the air along with the debris. Fortunately, they all survived, but the following year, when they bought their own land, SE/4, Section 3, Township 14 North, Range 9 West, the first thing they built was a cellar!

Barney was exempt from service in W.W. I, being a farmer and sole support of his elderly mother and his family. He owned and operated a threshing machine, powered by a steam engine tractor, hiring out to the other farmers. Iva sometimes helped by hauling grain to the elevator in Okarche.

Barney and Iva butchered and cured their own meat, canned food, raised chickens, and always kept milk cows, so there was always good food to enjoy after all the hard work.

Barney was a foreman on the W.P.A. in the 1930s, working at Fort Reno and other locations.

The McCabes had a “party line” telephone, their ring: two longs, two shorts, with “Central” being in Okarche.

Iva was thrilled with her first gasoline motor washing machine in 1930!
The magic of electricity arrived from R.E.A., Kingfisher, Oklahoma, in 1939. Indoor plumbing was “welcomed” in 1948, also a propane system for heat and cooking.

Everyone was always welcomed at the McCabes, with friends and relatives often gathering there. Grandchildren especially loved staying with Grandma Iva and Grandpa Barney, learning from them, by their simple lifestyle, that families are more important than fortunes.

Their faith, besides their family, was always very important to Barney and Iva, so they, along with other parishioners of St. Anthony’s parish in Calumet, Oklahoma, built a new church building, being dedicated as the “Immaculate Heart of Mary,” April 1, 1959.

Barney and Iva lived a full and rewarding life and both died at the same house they built together in 1920. Barney died January 28, 1965, and Iva died April 25, 1975. Their final resting place is at Holy Trinity Cemetery, Okarche, Oklahoma.