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The McCabes of Canadian County, Oklahoma

Family Tree

Compiled and updated in 2014 by Ann Baxter Been from Jean Davis 2009 original. Latest version (July 2014) incorporates input and corrections from the reunion.

You can see this same information in three different forms...

1) Ann's working Microsoft Excel file. You can only open this file if you have the right program. If you do have a new-ish version of Excel, right-click on the link and save it down to your local computer. Now you can not only view the contents, but can fill it in and update it for yourself!

2) A static PDF Version (July revision) You should be able to see this file with any good PDF viewer, but it can't be directly changed or updated -- you'll have to tell Ann what needs to be changed.
    (Here is the first, pre-reunion, PDF of this family tree.)

3) The image files below, sorted by McCabe sibling. Click on the name to go directly to that image. To make each family/image larger and easier to see, click on the image itself: it should open at a larger size in its own window. 
    (Notice: THESE IMAGE FILES ARE THE OLDER VERSION! For updated, see PDF or XCL files, above.)

Dorothy Loraine


Mildred Elizabeth


Thomas Bernard


Margaret Odelia


Patricia Louise


Marcella Jean