Accomodations Update

All of the state cabins that are allocated for us have been reserved. Family
members can try and book the few remaining cabins at any time but will be
competing with the general public for these and must not use the McCabe reunion name, or they will be denied the reservation.

Cabin Bookings as of July 2013

As of June 21st, there were 5 rooms left in the lodge that have been set aside
for our reservations. Family members have until August 30th of this year to
book these rooms at the lodge under the McCabe Reunion name. After August 30th, these rooms will be released for reservation to the general public . After
that date, they can still try and book rooms at the lodge, but must not use the
McCabe Reunion name, or they will be denied the reservation.

In addition Beth has reserved the Group campground which has a private
bathhouse and room for 50 people to tent camp. It is well situated with some
nice shady tent sites and close to the swimming pool and the Rec Hall. There
are also ample RV and tent campsites available throughout the Park.

Park Layout showing Camping

Other lodging options still available include Tanyard Springs, the private
cabins adjoining the Park, and there are also rooms available at the Rockefeller
Institute. The Institute also still has some houses available for rent.