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Audio Recordings made at the 2014 Arkansas Reunion.

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Pat and Jean in Arkansas 2014

PAT and JEAN  —  48min 12sec

(Pat) Names/Grandparents – Curtis history and family/McCabe’s lose land in Nebraska & get land patent in Oklahoma/Iva’s siblings/inheriting Kansas land and minerals/tornado story/Grandma McCabe’s wake/Aunt Katie/politics/Aunt Nettie/Aunt Emma/Barney – machinery-Irish songs-cards and stories/discipline/Iva-strength -horses-chickens/Aunt Julia/dancing/Jack Murphy/Following the sled to school/playing at the farm/box suppers/state fair and Hinton rodeo/ Uncles Ed and Andy/ Cistern cleaning/Jean escapes/Hauling water/Farm jobs/washing clothes/making soap/music/ first refrigerator/ kerosene and propane/wood heating/gas iron/dust bowl memories - “we never went hungry”- eggs and milk/sharecroppers/school in El Reno/meeting husband/San Angelo/Marriage and starting out/Oregon and return/ lots of jobs/Oregon again/”Barney”/Oregon family and descendants/accident
(Jean) Dividing farm at Iva’s death/Terry’s farming/cattle prices/Larry’s retirement/David and John’s business/Farm house renovations- history/playing spoons/refrigerators/Bill/
(Pat) Bernard’s stores
(Jean) Going to the laundry/burning the bakery tables/moving to Yukon/houses
(Pat) Bernard’s military service and wounding
(Linda??) Seeing Bernard in the hospital
(Jean) Bill drives a truck in the military; lands at Normandy/wounded at St. Lo/ hospitalized in Oklahoma/ introduces Odelia to first husband/George killed/Odelia meets Bob
(Linda and Suzie) Odelia no babies with first husband

Jean Davis 2014

JEAN  —  16min 27 sec
Names/Tom’s horse does tricks/ponds and springs/Riding horses/horse runs away with Pat and then Jean/Chores/Barney gets tractor/Gyp water/Plumbing and electricity/horse swing and Mulberry tree/ Mound Valley and the McCabe school/grades and tests/Barney’s birth year/Nebraska and Barney’s family/Barney drives wagon for fence post cutters/ Early land and previous farms/Curtis family/folk healing and Grandma Curtis/”Iva could do anything”/High Schools/working for school/Pat joins

Pat Ahern 2014

PAT and JEAN and cousins  —  27min 22sec
(Linda) Same stories as Jean?/brother stays all summer at the farm/cigarette trouble
(David) where the cigarettes came from/smoking in the barn
(Jean) Tom gets caught smoking – once
(Susie) Playing army/turned outside with hair bands/chicken coop/processing chickens/real milk
(Jean) butter churn/Baxter kids stay at farm
(Susie) Iva misses turn on ice
(Peter) Iva’s reaction to accident
(Jean) Iva buys 1972 Chevy/car enforces speed limit
(Linda) crazy about horses/Iva sends saddle/saddles/
(Jean) about Dorothy
(Pat) Dorothy makes playhouse for younger sister
(Jean) Dorothy - peas in the washing machine ringer/move to Witchita
(Jean) Tom gets away with a lot/a dollar for dancing/lots of girlfriends/Army: $21 a day/transferred to Air Force/the “Hump”/other stations and divorce/meeting Bernice/Bernice’s family/ visiting the northwest/Ella was the first wife/Thomasina’s cancer and death/Sharon D
(Jean) Odelia’s eye injury
(Pat) “She was really good at the school programs”
(Jean) Odelia liked to read a lot/Odelia liked ”Strawberry Roan”/books on tape
(Peter) Odelia graduated early
(Pat) junior college
(Jean) driving the wheat truck/wheel falls off/wheat truckload for school outfit
(Pat and Jean) Bernard courting on a bicycle/shocking wheat/”horse turned and he didn’t”
(Jean) Bill comes to Calumet and gets his leg pulled

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

LINDA  —  13 min 55sec
Name and place in the family/double cousins/Oregon and Ahern forebears/vacationing at the farm/beach visit deferred/travel birthdays/Aunt Kate’s cake stand/moving often/homebody or vagabond
(Peter) mothers coordinating annual farm visits
(Linda) Iva plays like a kid/horses and trail ride/Barney quiet/Maternal disciplinarians/not as tough as Iva/tall tales/memories of Odelia/Aunt Katie
(Peter) beans and magazine subscriptions/Iva’s wicked sense of humor/ghosts stories/ball lightning
(Linda) Indian buried in the mound
(Peter) superstition

JIM  —  11min 32sec
Name and place in family/visiting the farm – a special time/other kin/activities/visiting during Barney’s death/Iva’s death/”the farm is a special place”/memories of Barney/Iva’s laughter/Aherns/Bob and Mildred/military service and religion/aunts and uncles together and separately
(Peter) coordinating farm visits
(Jim) staying upstairs in the farm house/music/past reunions/Lake Powell and North Carolina misery

JANE  —  4min 53sec
Place in family/Barney at the end/Iva loved you/doing what you need to do/belonging to family/pallets in the pasture/ball of light follows Barney/Geronimo and pies/”we all knew we were loved”/my mom and dad prayed for all

ANGELA  —  4min 52sec
Bringing friend to farm/wasps and horses/ Iva puts squabbling kids out of car/Lucy

BARBARA  —  4min 12sec
Barney and politics/Iva makes church dress for tomboy/Yelling “Geronimo”/Going to funerals

PATTY  —  1min 39sec
Iva/baby mice and rattlesnakes

Note: Other photographs made at the recording sessions are available on Phyllis Baxter's reunion photo collection, HERE.