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July 2014

Family -

 I'm posting this as a wrap-up of the 2014 Reunion and the official hand off of the 2017 baton to our wonderful volunteers, Iva and Ben Williams. I know that they will do a spectacular job and that they will get lots of support from everyone.

First, I want to say thanks again to everyone for all of your support and help on the 2014 Reunion. Special thanks to my family, my siblings and their partners and the family representatives. Also a huge thank-you to my sister-in-law, Jean Baxter and cousin Tom Garrison. I will never be able to tell you how much I appreciated you taking this whole 3 year journey with me.

The final best estimate attendance count at the Reunion was between 160 to 170. We sold 184 dinner tickets, but I know we had some extras. I think it was a great turn-out and hope everyone has as good a time as I did

The group pictures are posted at and they can be ordered from that site. The prices for the pictures are $20 for the large group photo in a 11 x 14 size. For all other pics, prices are $20 for an 8 x10, $15 for 5x7 and $30 for an 11 x 14. If you have any questions about the photos, please send Ruth Baxter a note at, or contact the photographer directly at

We have now posted all of the Slideshows and both the Reunion pictures and many old family photos on the website at

Also posted are the poems and songs and family history documents, including the ones that I did not hand-out during the Reunion.
Peter and Phyllis are also working to post the recordings that they facilitated with Aunt Pat, Aunt Jean and others. Please visit the Site and access the files.

I would ask for everyone's help in getting the Family Tree document correct. If you have corrections for your family, just send them to me at, and I will make sure that the Master document is corrected.

Love to all