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APRIL 2014


·         Mather Lodge at Petit Jean has confirmed that we have a total of 28 cabins and 17 lodge rooms booked.

·          2 of the lodge rooms are currently unclaimed.   If you are still in need of lodging, and would like to stay at Mather Lodge, you have until the end of April to claim these rooms or they will be released back to the Lodge. If you do want them, they are single rooms 103 and 108 and are part of the McCabe Reunion group.  Call the lodge to reserve and please send me a note to let me know you have reserved them ( 

·         If you need to cancel your reservations, you must do so by May 22nd, or you will be charged.

·         Beth Baxter Nielsen is coordinating the plans for folks planning to camp out at the Group Camp.  If you have any questions, please contact Beth at

·         Alternative lodging is still available.   Check the lodging tab for more information.

·         Housekeeping cabins have a large refrigerator and full kitchen.  Overnight cabins do not have a kitchen.  They do have  a coffeemaker and a mini-fridge as well as a TV.


·         All breakfast and lunch meals will be on your own.   There are plenty of outdoor grills and picnic tables at the Park, as well as a full service restaurant in the Lodge and at the Rockefeller Institute.

·          The closest town to Petit Jean is Morrillton, it is 22 miles away.   There are grocery and liquor stores there.  Please note that there are no liquor sales in Arkansas on Sundays

·         We will be doing communal dinners each night at 5 pm at the Rec Hall.

o   Sunday night will be the catered dinner and Opening Program.

o   Monday night we will be having a picnic, followed by the Variety Show.  Bring a picnic for your family and join us at the Rec Hall.  If you are staying in the lodge or cabins, you can put in a "to-go" order with the Mather Lodge Restaurant by 3 pm on Monday and they will pack a meal for your family and have it ready to go by 5.   They will charge it to your room  .  If you are staying in the Lodge, but want to make your own picnic, I suggest you talk to someone staying in the cabins and borrow some of their refrigerator space.

o   Tuesday night bring all your leftovers to the Rec Hall and we will share a pot luck supper at 5pm, followed by the Closing Program.


·         Check-In will be in the Lodge in the CCC room, which is by the front desk.  Please check-in and pick up your T-shirts and dinner tickets by  4:45 pm on Sunday night (6/22).

·          If you want to participate in the Variety show on Monday night (6/23), contact Joe Baxter at, to claim your spot.

·         I am still soliciting stories/poems/songs about the family or the farm.   I need to have these in by May 15th.   Please send to

·         We still need volunteers to help with the activities, see volunteer tab for opportunities and contact  info.

·         If you have the space in your car or suitcase, we are soliciting contributions for various projects and activities including:

o   small scraps of material

o   art supplies (glue, markers, fabric paint, etc ) for family banners

o   recreational equipment - balls, bats, lawn games, kid fishing rods

·         It's hot in Arkansas in the summertime!  The cabins and lodge are air-conditioned.  The Rec Hall has large fans, but no AC.   Please dress accordingly, a hat is always a good idea.   Don't forget your bug-spray and sun-block!.

·         The Rec Hall is located 1.5 miles from the Lodge and Cabins.  There is a trail between them, but various  folks have volunteered to provide some shuttle service between the Lodge and Rec Hall.


If anyone has any questions - please call me at 918-419-2444, send me a note on FB or at  or call your family representative.   Detailed information is also on this website and on our Facebook page:  2014 McCabe Reunion

Love to All - See you in Arkansas!